15 Stunning Images of Silver-Blonde Hair to Inspire Your Next Shade Change

There are two types of people in the world: Those who can commit to seeing their colorist every four to six weeks, and those who push six or seven months before they end up back in the salon chair. (This writer happens to fall into the latter category.)

At first glance, the silver-blonde hair trend taking over Instagram would seem to be best for those in the "really good at color maintenance" camp. But that's not the case at all, as proven by the inspo we rounded up below. You can always start by swapping out your usual warm caramel and gold balayage tones for something a little cooler and icier.

In fact, we'd argue that silver-blonde hair is the cool girl's answer to going lighter for summer. It's very Daenerys Targaryen with a splash of Anderson Cooper (and we mean that as the highest form of compliment). "Metallic tones have been very hot in fashion, and hair color has become the newest accessory to take on this reflective hue," George Papanikolas, Matrix celebrity colorist, says.

"In the past, colorists had to concoct their own formulations, and it was far from perfect. It required drops of black and ribbons of blue, and a prayer to the hair gods that it turned into a nice silver," he says. "The latest technology has simplified the process, and the color can be applied directly from the tube on pre-lightened hair, giving a fashionable, predictable end result." In other words, silver blonde hair is much more achievable these days.

Thinking of going silver blonde? Here are 15 inspiration images to take to your stylist.

Celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess (she works with the likes of Lucy Hale and Lauren Conrad) posted this shot of silver hair done up in what's essentially #ponytailgoals.

Cassondra Kaeding is a celebrity colorist and Redken ambassador at Mare Salon in West Hollywood. This gray is basically a stormy skyline come to life as a hair color.

Scroll through colorist, stylist, and CEO Bescene Linh Phan's Instagram page to get hair color inspo for days. We're particularly enamored with this gray/lime-green peekaboo style.

Cool highlights and dark roots prove that silver-blonde hair doesn't always have to be high-maintenance.

To keep these gorgeous curls healthy during this hair transformation,В colorist Quatita FutrellВ used Milbon USA.В

The color in combination with the blunt cut is throwing major Mother of Dragons vibes.

Colorist (and Ramirez-Tran in Beverly Hills co-owner) Johnny Ramirez's signature lived-in color, rendered with icy blonde highlights.

While this look is a wig, that doesn't discount the fact that the colorВ instantly creates a brighter aura.

Matt Rez, colorist at Meche Salon Los Angeles, is known for his impeccable blondes results, and these icy highlights are no exception.

Paging Daenerys Targaryen.

Stephen Garrison is a colorist at Roil Salon in Los Angeles, and we love his beachy take on ice-blonde highlights.

Tressa Yanchuk, a colorist based in British Columbia, knows her way around blonde, as evidenced by her stunning portfolio showcased on her Instagram feed. She has several recent iterations of silver-blonde hair, but we're especially swooning over this version with just slightly dark roots.

Another one from Phan, because this lob is cut and colored to perfection.

This is that perfect not-quite-platinum, not-quite-gray color.

We're obsessed with this blunt bob and dark roots combo.