Bella Hadid on Extreme Dieting: "I've Done Some Crazy Sh*t"

Coveteur/Travis Schneider

Spoiler: The Hadid diet isn't all burgers and pizza. We actually got a (literal) taste for this fact when our senior editor, Hallie, tried to follow the detox that Bella-in addition to several of her supermodel contemporaries-supposedly swears by. (Second spoiler: It wasn't easy.)

But believe it or not, that's not the most intense cleanse the younger Hadid sister has ever put her body through-and that admission comes from the model herself. In a new interview with Coveteur, Bella opens up about how she really keeps her body photo-ready at all times. Third spoiler: She's tried "some crazy shit." (The good news is she's since learned to give herself a break.)

Keep scrolling to see some highlights from the profile, from her apathy toward working out to her methods of self-care.

Coveteur/Travis Schneider

On working out…

"I'm not really big on exercising," says Hadid, who adds that her long battle with Lyme disease often keeps her in bed. "My body can't handle aggressive workouts. For me, it's more about being the best I can be, not about losing weight. Weight loss comes naturally, but it is about being fit and feeling strong." And while her busy schedule has kept her out of the studio lately, she is a fan of yoga. "I used to love going to yoga on Thursday nights to just chill and breathe, and have an hour to not think about anything but myself," she says.

On Cleansing (and Not Cleansing)…

"I've done some crazy shit," she admits. "This lemon cayenne juice cleanse is next level. It doesn't sound crazy Ed. note: Doesn't it, though? and then once you're in it and you're like, 'What is life? What is going on?'"

These days, sheВ takes more of a mindful approach. "When I first wake up in the morning, I always have my lemon water," she says. "It just feels a little healthier than drinking regular water. I feel better when I have a lot of greens and drink juices."

On "Me" Time…

Hadid says she's learning to scale back from overdoing it in general. "If I overwork my body, I can tell almost instantly," she says. "I used to just blow it over and keep working, but now I know I need to take a break. I need to be able to take some 'me' time throughout the day, because it can get hectic."

Head over to Coveteur to read the rest of the interviewВ (and see Hadid's epic sneaker collection).В And next up, shop the surprising product the model swears by for aВ perfect complexion.