The 20-Minute Hair Treatment That Gives You Super-Shiny Hair

Imagine this: You're just living your life, feeling like your hair is pretty healthy and decently shiny. Every now and then, you go through the motion of getting a clear gloss, because hey, it's a pretty simple way to get a little boost in sheen, which never hurt anyone. Well, in my case, this scenario, and one particular gloss, changed everything. OK, not everything, but my hair will never be the same again.

Here's the full story: In an effort to brighten up my blonde without having to sit through a full highlight session, I took myself to Andy Lecompte Salon and got a gloss. I've had these before, and my hair has always looked good afterward (better than it did pre-treatment, for sure); but this time was different.

Celebrity hair-colorist extraordinaire Denis de Souza used Joico's LumiShine treatment on my hair, and I immediately knew this was a game changer. Historically, I've never been very concerned about the condition of my hair; at least I didn't know I needed to be until I saw and felt my locks after this treatment. The difference in shine and smoothness was instantly noticeable. And my shade of blonde looked worlds better. I didn't know I was walking around with yellow hair until I saw my tresses post-LumiShine-it was actually a little unsettling to realize how badly my hair needed a gloss.

LumiShine's gentle pH-balanced formula makes hair up to two times shinier than untreated hair, while also strengthening it. The ArgiPlex technology restores arginine (an essential amino acid that hair color usually strips), leavingВ hair nourished andВ color more vibrant. It's a clear gloss, but your stylist can also customize it with 22 ammonia-free shades to suit your color needs. De Souza added violet to my gloss to counteract the yellow tone my months-old highlights had taken on.

Leaving the salon, I felt like a new woman. Initially, I was most impressed by the brightening, color-correcting effect the treatment had on my highlights, and then I started getting compliments on how shiny my hair looked-a lot of them. For weeks after the treatment, graciously accepting hair praise became my new way of life.

The shine is supposed to last up to 30 shampoos. I'm probably 10 shampoos shy of that mark, and my hair isn't as shiny as the day I left the salon, but it's still looking pretty vibrant.

Now that I'm determined to maintain my shiny, bright blonde, I've become much more diligent about using my toning shampoo. Once a week, I lather up with Joico's Color Balance Purple Shampoo ($17), which prevents color fading and neutralizes yellow tones. I also plan on making LumiShine glosses a regular occurrence in my beauty regimen. Never again will I walk the earth complacent with dull locks. Only brighter days ahead.

What shine-boosting treatments have you tried and loved? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!