J.Lo Had the Most Expensive Manicure on the Red Carpet Last Night-Here's Why

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It goes without saying that Jennifer Lopez always makes a statement on the red carpet. That famous Versace moment at the 2000 Grammy Awards will forever live on in infamy, and now, 18 years later, she's still making waves with her beauty and style, as demonstrated at last night's Billboard Music Awards. Not that we're surprised. She's J.Lo, after all.

That being said, while we were initially charmed by her smoldering wash of burgundy-hued eye shadow, highlighted strands, and those thigh-high leather boots, admiration truly set in when our depleted bank accounts noticed the entertainer's fingertips. Which, we've officially confirmed, were embellished with a torn-up $100 bill. (Where's Destiny's Child circa 1999 when you need them?)

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However, as we learned later on, the singer's manicure wasn't solely intended as a buzzworthy beauty moment, it also foreshadowed her eventual performance onstage introducing her brand-new single, "Dinero." Brilliant, right? Plus, in addition to keeping on theme via her nails, it's also worth noting bucket-loads of glitter and fake bills rained down on the highly enthused audience. (But for the record, the bill atop her tips was 100% real.)

Celebrity nail artistВ Tom Bachik was behind the lookВ and posted details all over his Instagram so fans would know just how extraВ Lopez's nails were. "It was all about the #Dinero," he said.

Amazing. However, as Vogue reminds us, this isn't the first time a musical icon has sported her expensive lyrics by way of over-the-top nail art. As the publication calls out, back in 1995, Lil' Kim debuted her "money nails," which sparkled in tandem with an iconic verse in Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s hit "Get Money."

So, while we're not sure if Lopez was indeed riffing off Lil' Kim's previous nail game, we still have a major appreciation for her bank statement of a beauty look.

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