This DIY Eyebrow Tinting Technique Is Going Viral on Social Media

Brow tinting is an easy way toВ make your brows bolder and give them the appearance of more volume and depth (which is something we all desire-especially after getting a glimpse of Lily Collins or Cara Delevingne's brows). The tinting process is relatively quick, and the results last much longer than would those from an eyebrow pencil, powder, or pomade.В

According to Allure, one teen in Texas, Gabriella Robles, took it upon herself to tint her own brows in a DIY style (apparently she's fearlessВ because we would be so nervous). She detailed the entire thing on her Twitter account and shared a before-and-after image to showcase the outcome. Since then, it's gone viral, being shared (and thus attempted) by many other women. We can see why-she did an amazing job.В Keep scrolling to see the before-and-after DIY eyebrow tinting picture for yourself.В

Just click through her Twitter post to see all of the photos and you'll agree that she's basically an expert DIY brow tinter. When I was 16, I was either tweezing out half my brows until I looked perpetually surprised or flat-ironing my hair into a straw-like crisp. Where does she get all of this beauty finesse so early? But I digress. Back to her brows. They're amazing, right? /p>

As Allure reports, Robles wiped her brows with an alcohol towelette to remove any makeup or grime. Then, she applied white oil paint around the perimeter of her brows so that the dye wouldn't stick to her skin. (Here we must say that white oil paint isn't the best option for DIY brow tinting. You can use petroleum jelly or coconut oil instead.) After drawing out her desired shape with the white paint, she used the Just for Men Mustache and Beard Color ($8) to dye each eyebrow, which is honestly kind of genius since it's specifically made for facial hair. Plus, you don't have to buy regular hair dye, which can be costly, not to mention wasteful, if you're only tinting your brows. After five minutes of the hair dye sitting on her brows, she washed it off. That's it; she was done.

It sounds super quick and easy, but we're guessing it was still really nerve-racking, which is why we would still rather splurge for a professional brow tinting appointment. However, one of our very own editors tinted her brows on her own, and it turned out great, so maybe we need to have more faith in ourselves. Either way, it's interesting to know what other women are doing to thicken their natural brows.

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