7 Salons That Will Cut Your Hair for Free (Yes, Really)


Are free haircuts really a thing? Well, yes, they are. If you've never heard about them, we'll explain: When hairdressers and training hairdressers are looking to try out a new style on someone, then they will, quite regularly, advertise for models. This is all rather good news for those of us who are feeling the pinch post-Christmas. However, we can hear you asking (over the computer screen) Are these really quality haircuts?

Yes, they are. Now, while they're not done with the top stylists, they are conducted by the trainee hairdressers, under the watchful gaze of more superior professionals. And you don't pay a penny. Or if anything, it'll be a small fee from £5 up to £12. With the likes of Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon, and Daniel Galvin holding these sessions, all you need to know is which salons are running them. Keep scrolling to see which salons offer free haircuts now…

1.В Salon:В Pimps and Pinups, Shoreditch, LondonВ

How much:В Free

More info: This one is for anyone who wants a bob, but the deal will go quick, so get in there soon.


2.В Salon:В Hari's Hairdresser, various London locations

How much: Free (colour is a slight additional cost)

More info:В This salon has an ongoing models booking system, and it offers a range of different styles, all supervised by top senior stylists.


3. Salon:В Windle & Moodie, Covent Garden, LondonВ

How much:В Either free if you're willing to go for a complete restyle, or ВЈ10 for when you apply to be a model for a training session.

More info:В You will need to have a consultation first, so it's important to ring ahead and book.


4.В Salon:В Daniel Galvin, Kensington, London

How much:В Free

More info:В This is for a trainee stylist who is advertising for models. But rest assured that Daniel Galvin is one of the most respected salons in London, so we reckon you'll get a great cut from this.В


5.В Salon:В Aveda Institute, Holborn, London

How much:В Free

More info:В This is for a bob haircut, but keep an eye out for other trainees advertising for this.


6.В Salon:В Toni & Guy, Oxford Circus, London

How much: ВЈ5. But that's not bad,В really. Is it?

More info: Allow for a decent three to four hours to get your haircut done as it's part of the training academy.В


7.В Salon: Vidal Sassoon, London

How much: Up to ВЈ12 depending on the cut you choose and who cuts your hair.В

More info:В You should allow for a minimum of three hours.В


While these are all in London, it's worth speaking to your favourite salon about whether or not they accept models or do training days to see if they offer free hair cuts too.