These Smoothies Are Also Face Masks, Because Multitasking

Juice Generation

If slathering a fruit-based concoction onto your face sounds more like tween slumber party fodder than something you'd actually do as a fully formed adult, it might be time to reframe your thinking: Not only are DIY masks typically a breeze to throw together, butВ the right ingredients are as nutritious for your skin as they are for your body.

That's the thinking behind a much-anticipated collaboration between Salma Hayek and Juice Generation. BIY (aka Blend It Yourself)В isВ a new subscription service of pre-portionedВ smoothie and bowl ingredients-and it includes a collection of edible face masks. Basically, DIY skincare just got even easier.

Juice Generation

Each of the three blends in the BIY Beauty line is inspired by Hayek's childhood on the Mexican coast,В boasting complexion-boosting, anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera, nopal cactus, avocado, and hibiscus. True to Juice Generation's standards, all the ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced. If you subscribe (pricing starts at $51 for six cups), you receive the frozen ingredients on your doorstep-and when you're ready to whip up your facial, you just toss the components of your chosen blend into your blender.

It's an undeniably cleverВ idea, and a timely one at that: According to Google analytics, searches for "DIY Face Mask" are up 146% year over year. And while some DIY-hards might argue that pre-portioned blends don'tВ technicallyВ qualify as do-it-yourself, we certainlyВ don't have any qualms with taking a few shortcuts.В

BIY launches on Thursday, July 20.

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