5 Healthy 30-Minute Meals Fit Girls Swear By

We know life can get hectic with families to visit, projects to finish, workouts to fit in, and meal-prepping to do. Having a quick, satisfying, and healthy dinner at the end of a long day is essential for maintaining your #fitgoals. At Tone It Up, it's important to keep it lean, clean, and green, which is one of the main principles of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. This way of eating boosts energy levels, keeps skin looking bright, and reduces bloating. We put together our five favorite dinners that are quick and simple (read: 30-minute meals) to throw together. And bonus: They're delicious and will help slim your gorgeous waistline.

Strawberry Fields Chicken Wrap

Tone It Up

Strawberry Fields Chicken Wrap recipe: This is so simple to make and tastes like an absolute dream. You can use collard greens, a whole-wheat wrap, or romaine lettuce as the base. We even like this one thrown over a bed of spinach.

Cut weeknight prep time by grilling your chicken on Sunday for the entire week.

Greek Quinoa Bowl

Tone It Up

Greek Quinoa Bowl recipe: We love to pre-cook quinoa for the week and then throw together veggie bowls for one of theĐ’ easiest meals to whip up. The entire recipe comes in at 17 grams of muscle-loving protein to help boost the satiety level of your meal. And it's totally yum, of course.


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Poke recipe: No cooking needed here. Grab sushi-grade tuna from your local fish market, and your protein-packed dinner is ready in minutes. Many fish markets will dice the tuna up for you too, saving you some precious time.

Chopped Summer Salad

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Chopped Summer Salad recipe: Bring a bit of summertime to your dinner plate with this delicious salad. Even if the weather is still chilly, you can brighten up your meal with fresh citrus and crunchy veggies. Plus, lean protein and fresh avocado keep those thoughts of dessert at bay.


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Socca recipe: Think flatbread but healthier. This little gem uses garbanzo bean flour, making it naturally gluten-free and high in protein. You can mix and match the toppings to fit your taste preferences. Feeling spicy? Toss some black beans, hot sauce, and guac on there. Want something a little more refreshing? Add diced cucumber, greek yogurt, and grilled chicken.