It's True: This Foundation Is Everyone's Perfect Match

Sonny Vandevelde for MAC

Finding the right foundationВ for you can be a tedious task at the best of times. Where exactly does one begin to look for the perfect base when there are that many available, all promising to airbrush away everyВ imperfection? While there are tons of editor-approved drugstore options to try,В not to mention a certain full coverage celebrity favouriteВ we're quietly obsessed with, it would be nice to be able to reach for something custom-made for you. Well, my non-celebrity friends, that day is finally here. Thanks toВ The Lip Lab'sВ "Blend Your Own" foundation concept, you can now create a base 100% guaranteed to match your individual skin tone. Doing so meansВ you'll never have to worry about choosing the wrong shade, finish or coverage level ever again.В

Courtesy of The Lip Lab

You may knowВ The Lip Lab as the place to go for a bespoke shade of lipstick. (An amazing gift for everyone from bridesmaids to best pals.) Now making their debut into the world of foundation, your holy grail base is only an appointment away. When I first arrived to create my own, I was surprised by the huge range of pigments, natural additives, and toners on offer. I filledВ out a questionnaire, answering questions like "What is your skin type?" (dry), "Do you wear SPF?" (of course!), "What is your preferred finish? (dewy). I also jotted down my go-to foundation, Born This WayВ ($57).В

Courtesy of The Lip Lab

Next, the gloves went on, and my consultant began creating, adding a bit of this and a bit of that. There were metal scalpels and beakers-I felt like I was in high school science all over again. During the process, I tested the formula to ensure the colour stayed spot on. At one point I asked to add extra moisturiser for a luminous finish, plus a dash more SPF just because. It took all of 15 minutes, from go to whoa. (Plus, five beauty sponges and one Snapchat story.) When it was over, I had my dream foundation in my hands.В

Courtesy of The Lip Lab

So what did I think of the result? It's my new go-to. For $75 I walked away with a base that makes me look well-rested and healthy, and I know for an absolute fact it suits my skin tone. (Honestly, that question has kept me up nights.) In sum, it's true-this foundation brand is everyone's perfect match.В