Exclusive: Jordyn Woods on Self-Care, Crystal Baths and Dating Advice

Jordyn Woods has had quite the year. After experiencing a few months that can only be described as turbulent, Woods has most recently been hailed by many as a beauty icon championing body positivity, natural hairstyles, and representation in beauty. Her Vogue makeup tutorial has been viewed over 4 million times, and her social media is littered with inquiries from fans about what lip gloss she's wearing.

UOMA Beauty (pronounced OMA) has also had a breakout year. The inclusive, “Afropolitan” beauty brand launched in April under the guidance and control of Nigerian-born founder and CEO Sharon Chuter, and has since amassed a large celebrity following. Among the brand's eye, lip, and face products, the brand also features a buzz-worthy foundation available in 51 shades, with six different base formulas to target various skincare concerns for each sub-divided shade group (ex. “Fair Lady” contains grape extract to stimulate collagen production and hydration).

We caught up with Jordyn Woods at an UOMA Beauty event in LA-she's just a big fan, not a brand affiliate-to talk about inclusivity in beauty, her must-have makeup products, and dating advice.

Check out her exclusive answers below.

В Byrdie: What's the one step in your makeup routine you can't leave home without doing?В В В

Jordyn Woods: I can't leave the house without my lip gloss.В Right now, I'm wearingВ UOMA Boss Gloss.

And what about for your hair routine?

My edges have to be laid.В

Has being in the spotlight changed the way you feel or think about beauty?

Being in the spotlight has applied pressure, but I always stay true to myself and how I feel for that day. Some days are a hit and some days are a miss, but I feel like that's what reminds us we're all human.В

We're finally seeing more inclusivity in beauty lines like UOMA. Do you see this as a trend or a movement?В

I hope that this is a movement. I believe movements all start with awareness. Once you become aware, a trend can become a movement.В

What's the most valuable makeup tip you learned from a makeup artist?В

My most valuable tip I learned from a makeup artist was the trick of cleaning up your brows with concealer for a sharp look, no matter how grown out your brows are.В

If you could describe your beauty aesthetic as a piece of fruit, what would it be and why?

I would choose a watermelon because you can never go wrong. It's plump and juicy like how I like my face to look! Watermelons are normally pretty consistent and that's how I like my glam to be.В

Your teeth look amazing. What advice would you give to someone considering veneers?В

Find a dentist you absolutely trust and love their work. Be fully committed.В В

What forms of self-care do you engage in to stay grounded?

I love skincare and taking a nice bath with crystals. I also love getting outside or getting a good workout in.В

It looks like you've been traveling a lot. What never leaves your cosmetic bag on the road?В

Lip balm, gloss, eyebrow gel, and contour.

Any dating advice for someone who's always traveling too?В

I know being on the road can be lonely, but take that time to enjoy being alone. What's meant to be will be!