How Victoria's Secret Angels Get Bikini-Body Ready

Cliff jumping, bikinis, dancing on the shores of Puerto Rico… no, this isn't your dream summer vacay-it's the Victoria'sSecret Swim Special, airing on CBS at 10/9 central tonight. The first-ever telecast goes behind the scenes of the annual VS swim catalogue shoot, and we're told to expect cave exploring, personal interviews with the Angels, and, of course, lots of bronzed, beach-ready bodies that simultaneously make us wish for summer and feel so, so relieved our own bikini days are still a few months away (note to self: dust off workout clothes immediately).В

To get you motivated for warmer days ahead (read: bikini season), we met up with VS models Lily Aldridge and Jasmine Tookes, and asked them exactly how they prep for a swimsuit shoot-from the foods they eat to the workouts they swear by. Keep scrolling to see what they said!

Victorias Secret

First, tell us about the Swimsuit Special and what people can expect.

Aldridge: It's amazing.В It's so cool because you get this inside look at our lives and an inside look at the swim catalogue. You get to see us being fun and silly-just a different side that people don't get to see normally.

Tookes: Yes, people can expect a look behind the scenes on what it's like to shoot our swim catalogues. You see us trying to get the perfect shot, jumping off cliffs, shooting in caves, splashing around… Oh, and then every girl has a little bit of an interview about themselves, so you get to know how they got started and what they like about modeling.

Speaking of swim shoots, what are your fitness routines like before filming something like this?

Aldridge: I do Ballet Beautiful. It's just what I've done for the last three years and I love it. It's a really good workout. Mary Helen Bowers is really positive and encouraging, and there's just an awesome energy in her studio.

Tookes: I love doing squats! I focus on my legs. My legs and my butt are my “thing” laughs. So, I do squats and lunges… things like that. And I notice that when I stop doing them, my butt isn't as plump anymore! So you gotta keep them up. I don't have a trainer, either. I train myself! I'm always Googling “perfect workouts.”

Do tell.

Tookes: Honestly, I do the P90X workouts-they really work! They are killer. I did one the other day and now I can barely walk in these heels.

Are there any workouts you absolutely hate?

Aldridge: Running. I hate running. If you told me to run, I would just be so sad. I just cannot get in that “zone” that people say exists.

Tookes: Running. I run for like, one minute, and then I'm like, “Okay, I'm done!”

Glad to know we're not the only ones. How do you get your cardio in then?

Tookes: I just started doing short sprints. My boyfriend says it's good for your legs, and you get the pain over with faster.

What about music-what gets your through a workout?

Aldridge: I love Beck's record, even though it's not new. Alt-J is also really good. My workout is really mellow, so it's perfect for it. If I was like, hitting the gym, I would probably listen to the Rolling Stones or something like that.

Tookes: I like Rihanna. All her songs are so powerful and make you want to keep going!

Victorias Secret

Moving onto diet-are there certain foods you cut out before a shoot?

Aldridge: Well, before the VS fashion show, it's a little different because it's live-there's an audience. The Swim Special is a little more relaxed because you know, it's not live…

Right. As in, editing will be happening.

Aldridge: Laughs Yes, editing is happening! So you know, you just eat clean.В I eat a lot of fish, vegetables, and chicken. But I mean, it's nothing crazy.

Nothing you avoid?

Aldridge: Before the fashion show? I usually just try to keep it healthy, soВ just no cheeseburgers or pizzas.

Tookes: The one thing I cut out is sugar-just because of what it does to the skin.В I do it to make sure I don't have any breakouts. Mostly I eat grilled chickenВ and a lot of protein.

What do you eat right after a shoot to celebrate?

Aldridge: I usually eat cheeseburgers and pizza immediately after!

Tookes: Pizza! Pepperoni pizza. The greasier, the better.


As Victoria's Secret models, you're both body icons now in your own right. Growing up, who was your beauty and body icon?

Aldridge: Kate Moss. Everyone loves her. I'm looking over there and seeing her face on someone's shirt. She's just the coolest.

Tookes: I always looked up to Gisele Bündchen. Her body was just sick. She's long, lean, fit… I loved her. She's perfect.

Lily, you still manage to have the most amazing abs in the world even after having a baby. Tell us your secret.

Aldridge: Ballet Beautiful! Seriously. I never really had crazy abs and then I started doing that. Everything is about your core, so you're just working it through the whole workout without even realizing it.

Praying for it to open an L.A. branch! Finally, in honor of the first Swim Special, do you remember the first bikini or swimsuit you ever owned?

Tookes: Yes! I actually just saw a photo of it the other day. I was four years old and it's this little one piece with colorful polka dots and ruffles. It's so cute.

Aldridge: I remember my first bikini! Well, it was boy shorts… it was a tankini! laughs I was like, “Oh my god.” I felt so hot.

Tune into CBS tonight to watch the Swim Special at 10p.m.! Click here for more beauty tips from Aldridge and VS models Martha Hunt and Candice Swanepoel!