The Under-ВЈ10 Gadget That Gives You French-Girl Hair


There's nothing quite like the joy of air-drying your hair on a warm summer's morning. You can really just wash and go, perhaps the odd styling product scrunched or combed through for good measure, knowing all too well that in a mere hour or two, you'll have frizz-free, effortlessly great-looking hair.

You see, for anyone with curly or naturally wavy hair, air-drying is a fail-safe way to limit frizz and enhance natural texture. Of course, for some, you'll always blow-dry, tong or straighten your hair, happy to devote the time to perfectly coiffed lengths. For others, the timesaving joy of an air-dried barnet can not be beaten (well, by wine, of course, but you know what I mean).

ButВ let's be realistic: In the depths of winter, heading out into a grim, drizzly cold-to-the-bone morning with a sopping-wet mane of hair is not fun, or particularly pretty. If you're into air-drying your hair, the likelihood is that you have forgotten how to use a hairdryer without ending up like a Maine coon cat that's been lost in the wilds (or is that just me?). So what's a girl to do?

Luckily we met with hairstylistВ Anthony Turner, L'OrГ©alВ Professionnel UK styling ambassador, and he let us in on a backstage secret. There is a gadget out there that enables you to use a hair dryer to air-dry your hair. Which means you speed up the time, without forgoing that effortless texture that air-drying does so well. Turner told me they employ this gadget when they need to get a model out on the catwalk, with great "air-dried" hair in lightening fast time.

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I know, it looks like a cross between a tanning mitt and a microphone cover. But in fact it's a diffuser-the Hot Sock diffuser, to be precise. Unlike the spiky, holey diffusers that come with many hair dryers, this sponge version works to really disperse and soften the air coming through, which essentially turns your hair dryer into an air-dryer.

"It mimics the effect of air-drying but because the hairdryer has some power behind it, the whole process is speeded up," says Turner. Turner used a similar gadget at the J.W.Anderson A/W 2017 menswear collection in London to create that easygoing texture on guys with longer hair.

The secret to a great air-dried style is to start with a shampoo and conditioner fit for the purpose. A lightweight salt spray to eke out texture and a tiny drop of oil to tame flyaways and add polish to ends (but not too much; this is effortless hair, remember).В

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