8 Candles to Burn When You Feel Like You Might Never Be Warm Again


Make no mistake: As far as Team Byrdie is concerned, burning fancy candles is an all-weather sport. But there's something particularly comforting about lighting up your favorite scent during the chilliest months of the year. After all-when we're forced to spend so much time inside, we might as well actually enjoy it.В

With that in mind, we're counting down the candles we swear by when warmth is in short supply.В Below, findВ our favorite scents for just about every winter mood.

If your ideal winter mood is "snowed in"…

Byredo Woods Candle $85Shop

This woodsy fragrance can lend even the most urbane apartment a cabin-like atmosphere. Subtle hints of jasmine and raspberry counterbalance more masculine notes of Tuscan leather and cedar.

If you need a scent to remind you of your own cold-weather resilience…

Carlen Perfumes Rose Calcine Candle $85Shop

This uniqueВ votive from Byrdie-beloved fragrance house Carlen is inspired by a beach-dwelling Japanese rose thatВ withstands all kinds of weather. With accompanying notes of cedar, patchouli, smoke, and vetiver, it's a sand-and-waves scent that's less "Hawaiian getaway" and more "polar bear plunge."

If you'd rather be curled up in a worn-out leather armchair…

D.S. & Durga Breakfast Leipzig $65Shop

D.S. & Durga's latest candle harkens old-world European cafГ©s and pipe tobacco-caffeine optional.

If you're wondering why you haven't moved to L.A. yet…

Jemma Sands Laurel Canyon Candle $68Shop

This scent evokes winter in Southern California: spice, clementine, honeycomb, and Ladies of the Canyon vibes. Best paired with Joni Mitchell'sВ Blue.

If sleeping in is your favorite cold-weather pastime…

Le Feu de l'Eau Le Feu Gris $65Shop

Warning: ThisВ cocktail of smoke, musk,В and sandalwood is as addictive as hitting the snooze button in below-freezing weather.В

If you're trying to remember the last time New York City was reasonably warm…

Boy Smells LES Candle $32Shop

The latest from cult-fave brand Boy Smells evokes the Lower East Side in warm weatherВ (sans garbage). The woody-sweet blend of jasmine rice, peach blossom, blackcurrant, Asian pear,В and cardamom is just as dynamic and multifaceted as the neighborhood it's named for.

If you view setting things on fire as a form of self-care…

Diptyque Baume d'Ambre Candle $38Shop

Hold the incense and light this votive instead. The combo of benzoin, vanilla,В and lavender makes for a light, powdery scent that'sВ never cloying.

If you'd like your whole life to be upholstered in cashmere…

Otherland Sun Suede $36Shop

Otherland boasts this scent as its "most luxurious yet." Notes of suede, peppercorn, and salty saffron lend it a Tom Ford kind of vibe (at a much less cringe-worthy price point).В

Next up: winter perfumes that are cozier than a knit blanket.