Finally: A Teeth-Whitening Kit That Won't Make You Gag


If you're on the hunt for whiter teeth, it's likely you'll have tried everything. And while there are plenty of teeth-whitening strips we really rate and DIY solutions that actually work, if you want a hard-and-fast fix, it's probably about time you delved into the world of teeth-whitening kits. Taking up much less time than booking in for an appointment in the dentist's chair, these at-home sets usually consist of a special toothpaste with higher teeth-whitening potency than your regular toothpaste, along with a contraption not too dissimilar from the mouthguard you were probably forced to wear in P.E. Together, these products form a strong treatment that'll nibble away at the yellow hue on the outer surface of the teeth, leaving them visibly whiter in a matter of days.


Sounds pretty great, right? Right. But you've got to make sure you invest your time and money in one that'll actually work. And that's where we come in: We've scouted out the best at-home teeth-whitening kits with impressive brightening power without scrimping on general comfort. Keep scrolling to see the kits that could be your route to a whiter smile.

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit $30Shop

iWhite's trays come filled, so there's none of the faff that comes with mixing different solutions. It uses a special form of calcium to give teeth an instantly whiter appearance, plus it works to strengthen teeth at the same time. It takes five consecutive days of wearing the mouthguard for 20 minutes at a time to see a difference of up to eight shades; then you can use it as and when to top up later down the line.

Rapid White 1 Week Tooth Whitening System $12Shop

The best bit about Rapid White's kit is that the toothpaste tastes like normal toothpaste and won't irritate even sensitive gums, but it also helps that the mouth tray can be adjusted to fit your jaw. You'll start to see a change in colour within a week.

Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System $33Shop

With this kit, you simply pretreat teeth with a solution before painting each tooth (less weird than it sounds) with the whitening gel. The part that really does the hard work is the accompanying light, which activates the whitening gel and bleaches teeth to a bright white shade. You'll see a difference after the first use, but real results come after 20 treatments.

Rio Professional Teeth Whitening System $80Shop

A slightly higher-tech version of the Luster kit, Rio's contains a blue light that will reverse tooth discolouration. It has different modes to target different problems and is more of a long-term investment: You'll see results pretty quickly, but this is the sort of machine you'll come back to every few months.

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Polisher $40Shop

Consider this one more like a trip to the hygienist. This mini tooth buffer will remove the buildup of plaque (which can cause discolouration), as well as surface stains brought on by your coffee habit. It's much better at targeted treatment, so it's the perfect choice for someone who has just a few problem areas they want to fix.

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