The $3 Product Byrdie's Editor-In-Chief Swears By For "Perfect Weekend Skin"

Here at Byrdie, we test new beauty products like it's our jobs-because it actually is our jobs. Out of the combined hundreds of products we try each month, there are only a select few that we love, we use, and we end up writing about. Out of those formulas, there are even fewer we deem worthy enough to call our all-time favorites. That's where our Just Five Things video series comes in. In it, we ask beauty experts, celebrities, and influencers, along with our own editors, to share the five beauty products that they can't live without.

Today's installment features Byrdie's general manager and editor-in-chief, Leah Wyar. In the following video, she shares her top five picks, ranging from a hyaluronic acid serum to a piece-y texturizing spray. She's an industry expert and bonafide beauty buff-so you know these products perform, and they perform well. Keep scrolling to see the full video and shop her top five for yourself.

Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum $38Shop

"I really try to apply it to damp skin, so I either spritz it with something or maybe right after I've rinsed it… It's just like water; it's amazing. Hyaluronic acid is this miracle ingredient that you all probably know plumps your skin. It can hold 1000 times its weight in water. It really is amazing at giving your skin a drink, plumping up any little lines or texture issues, and really giving your skin a great canvas for everything that is to come."

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Oil $79Shop

"I tried this for the very first time when I was getting a facial at the Elemis studio in London. The second the facialist put it on my skin, I was like 'what is that oil?' It smells so good. Similar to the hyaluronic acid serum, it's the kind of oil that just feels like you're really not wearing anything; it absorbs so well. If you put it over top of the hyaluronic acid serum, I find that it just seals everything in so everything stays really plump for a much longer time."

Weleda Skin Food $3Shop

"This is really beat up, because I use it all the time. It's a travel-sized version of the Weleda Skin Food. Weleda Skin Food is this cult favorite product. It's really incredible, especially for beauty editors when they're doing something on set, because a model's skin can immediately look like she put on the best highlighter in the world the second you put this on your face. That's why I love it. It's like the most perfect weekend skin that you dream about walking out of your apartment and never having to put on a stitch of makeup… That's what this makes your skin look like."

Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer $28Shop

"You just need a teeny, teeny, teeny, tiny bit. If you put this product onto the tops of your cheekbones-I love it right above the top of my lip-the corners of your eyes, it gives this beautiful highlight that's looks really natural; because a lot of highlighters can look a little frosty… This one looks like it just melts into your skin and is part of your skin. It looks really, really natural."

Fatboy Spray Putty $28Shop

"So last, after you have really beautiful and highlighted skin, you have to have the sort of French girl hair to match, and I think the secret to getting that is from this product called Fatboy Spray Putty. This is a new find that I have just been introduced to in the last month or two, and it's become my total obsession. When you spray it on your hair, and you just kind of scrunch it all in, it gives your hair this really piece-y look, like those French girls that just wake up and have amazing hair. That's what this product does, and it's not sticky the way a pomade or anything like that feels. It doesn't get really coat-y in your hair so you can't run your fingers through. It just gives this cool separation."

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