The Summer 2017 Hair Color Guide, Straight From Pinterest

Pinterest is like the beauty almanac for hair colors. Bloggers, stylists, and pinners alike are constantly posting and sharing the hottest shades of the season, and oftentimes a trend is born from a pin on the site (here's looking at you, Pink Champagne and Mother of Pearl Blond).

To find out which shades are reigning supreme on Pinterest this summer, we got in touch with the site's reps, who laid out the most searched colors of the season. We weren't surprised to find crazy-popular colors like rose gold and platinum at the top of the list, but these newcomers were followed by veteran hues that clearly aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Take a look for yourself below.

Rose-Gold Brunette


Searches for brunette rose-gold hair are up more than 300%, while overall saves for rose-gold hair are up 40%. New York stylist Hannah Edelman suggests finding a stylist with experience in pastels or asking for a full head of balayage with a mauve toner or color melt to achieve the look yourself.

Platinum Blond


Pinterest reps tell us that while this shade has been around for ages, pinners are particularly interested in this hue for the summer months, with searches for platinum blonde up by 30% since last year. The trick to maintaining icy-blond color? Shampooing less. According to Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger salon in NYC, "I recommend my blonds wash once a week. The less you wash it, the better it is for your hair and for your color. When you do wash, try to use cooler water-this helps to keep the cuticle closed and will allow the color to last longer."

Ash Brown


Saves are up more than 35% as people start to think about transitioning from summer into fall, Pinterest's rep explains.В Dove Hair Stylist, Cynthia Alvarez says that ash brown hair colors are "lighter than any other brown tones and they are cooler than the rest of brown hair colors. This trend is really popular because it lightens up your color without adding any blonde tones and also eliminates unwanted warmth in the hair." To prevent warm tones from peeking through as the color fades (especially if your hair is naturally dark), Alvarez suggests leaving a deep violet shampoo on for a few minutes in the shower. Washing your hair less and avoiding high heat when styling will also help your color last longer.


Getty/ Michael Bezjian

"Up more than 20%, people are loving lighter pastel shades for summer," say our Pinterest reps. Pared-down, washed-out pastels have been practically everywhere in the past few months-our Instagram feeds are essentially a constant grid of baby hues. Says Kate Reid, director of color and resident pigment guru at Kevin Murphy, "Soft pastels have a feminine feel to them, and for a seasoned blond looking for a change while staying fashion-forward, it makes sense to explore soft pastels." To keep the color from fading quickly Alvarez suggests washing your hair less and using a dry shampoo like Dove Refresh+Care Detox & Purify Dry ShampooВ to soak up excess oil in between washes. She adds, "Additionally, using a color shampoo in the same hue as your own hair color will refresh and brighten your color."


Auburn Balayage


Searches for this warm, melted color are up a whopping 220%. Sharon Dorram of Sally Hershberger salon sheds some light on what the reason behind these sky-high stats might be: "The balayage style is an easy way to warm up dull brunettes," but without the hassle of upkeep like with highlights. Since the colorВ is distributed away from the root, it's incredibly low maintenance, Dorram explains. We imagine numbers are especially high for the foliage-embodying hue this time of year, as it'll make its way seamlessly into the fall season.

Caramel Balayage


Auburn balayage's cooler (in terms of tone, not popularity) sister, caramel balayage had searches rise 100% this season. Similar to tigereye hair color, it's achieved with "hand-painted caramel highlights paired with a warm or dark chocolate base," according to Corey Tuttle, a Honey Artists hairstylist. Nicole Tresch of Rita Hazan Salon explains to us that tones of amber or caramel are best for brunettes: "Choosing the best tone for you can be decided on skin tones and shades can be adjusted using the toner/gloss after you've pre-lightened with your balayage highlights. More fair skin/less olive complexions look better with these warmer tones."

Have you tested any of these hues yet this summer? Tell us below!