French Girl Beauty Is a Fantasy, Says This Parisian Makeup Artist


Just like fashion, the beauty world is filled with legends, andВ Terry de Gunzburg is one of them. The classic FrenchВ icon enrolled in a beauty course in her 20s, serendipitously attended a Vogue cover shoot, and the rest is history. Gunzburg worked asВ the product developerВ atВ Yves Saint Laurent for many years (where sheВ createdВ cult product Touche Г‰clat, no less) before she ventured out on her own and launched By Terry. So naturally, when I received a call asking if I wanted to chat with Gunzburg, I canceled all plans and compiled a list of hard-hitting questions.

Byrdie: You're Parisian, what do you think about the obsession with French-girl beauty?В

TG:В "It's so funny because I think it's like a fantasy-I don't think it's true. It's effortless yes, but to the point of being a bit negligent. Many French women don't give enough attention to beauty."

B: But French women always look so great. Do you think they just have a certain confidence about them?В В

TG:В "I think maybe it's because of the weather, the food, the eating, and drinking, it's a very laid-back lifestyle. Although, they're often smoking, so I really don't know! French women are very natural yes, and they're very effortless, but it's because they don't care. You can't convince a Parisienne woman to buy or wear something because it's trendy. I think it's this attitude that gives them an air of confidence that everyone is so fascinated by."

B: What beauty routine do you follow yourself?

TG:В "I'm disciplined, and I'm obsessed with cleansing, hydrating, and protecting. I prefer layering serums, I find it's extremely brightening and hydrating. They protect my skin from dehydration, pollution, and free radicals. I like to use theВ Terrybly Densiliss FoundationВ ($116)В as it has an anti-wrinkle formulation. I buff it in with a brush and if I need more during the day, I retouch. I also use theВ Stylo-Expert Click StickВ ($34) as it gives beautiful, creamy coverage. I use it on uneven spots and under the eyes."

B: Any concealer hacks you can share?В

TG:В "The Click Stick concealer is hydrating and designed to fill in fine lines, so it's great for under the eyes. I use my finger to press it in. One tip I'll share is to choose a pinky, apricot shade for under the eyes, no matter what your skin tone. It will brighten and illuminate the area, making you look fresh and much more awake."

B: What about traveling? Anything you love to use on your skin?

TG: "I use the BY TerryВ Hydra Eclat MaskВ ($68) as a cream. I even put it on my arms, legs, cuticles, and feet. I love it so much. It's amazing."

B: Do you have a single favorite By Terry product?

TG:В "That's like asking me my favorite child. But if I had to say, it's the Baume De RoseВ ($60). It's in my DNA, for sure."

B: What is your day-to-day makeup routine?

TG:В "I can do simple, or I can do the whole layering, contouring thing. I like to play with my concealer. I'll use a darker shade as a contour. For events or when time permits, I love to play up my complexion and my eyes."В

B: Is that something you learned during your time at Yves Saint Laurent?

TG:В "The single most important thing I learned from working with him was to use a touch of rose beige in every single shade. It makes the skin look alive."

B: What are your thoughts on theВ Touche Г‰clat now?

TG:В "No one wanted it at first, and no one understood its purpose. The formula has changed a lot now since I invented it, but the click-to-go mechanism is still there. It's that technology that allows women to correct and refresh themselves at any time, anywhere."

B: Do you miss working as a makeup artist all the time now that you're so busy with product development?

TG:В "Yes, I adore applying makeup. I just do it in our advertising or promotional material now. Other than that, I don't have the time."

B: Do you have a piece of makeup advice you'd like to leave us with?

TG:В "Try to look fresh and glowy rather than perfect. I prefer women who look natural. Skin that is the wrong texture and color is never a good look. If you want to feel done or glamorous, put on some red lipstick. It's like putting on high heels-instant confidence. I really believe in that."