5-Minute Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

There are styles catered especially toward girls with long hairВ and girls with short hair, but what about good old medium-length? You're smack dab between the cool-girl short chop and the sultry, bohemian look of a VS model. To us, that's the best of both worlds. You can seamlessly channel '90s-era Kate Moss on one day and '60s-era Lauren Hutton on another.

With that being said, there are so many ways to style your medium-length cut, that it can be overwhelming. So, like all of us do, you default to your usual, ponytail or topknot. Although we love these classic hairstyles, wearing them all the time can feel… well, boring. Whether your medium-length hair is a transitional stage in growing it out, easing into a shorter style, or just the cut you prefer, it's easy to get stuck in a medium-length rut. Keep scrolling to see gorgeous hairstyles guaranteed to make you fall in love with your hair all over again!

Real Simple

This look is reminiscent of a beautiful Dutch royal. You'd never know it takes five minutes to complete. Start by spraying a texturizing spray throughout, for added grip. We love OuaiВ Texturizing Hair SprayВ ($26). Then part your hair into two sections. french braid down each side until you get to the nape of your neck, and then continue with a normal braid. Once you have two french braid pigtails, wrap them around your head, pinning them securely. So beautiful, andВ so easy.В


For this retro updo, work some moisturizing conditioner through your strands. We love CantuВ Leave-In Conditioning Repair CreamВ ($6). Then start at your hairline with two pieces of hair. Twirl them around one another, then add more hair from below. Essentially, you're doing an easy, twisted version of the french braid. Swoop the twist braid all the way around the nape of your neck, and pin. Set with hair spray, and you're done!В


This one is a piece of cake. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, define it by adding a touch of Living ProofВ Curl Defining Styling CreamВ ($28) to your strands. Then take two sections of hair from the front and wrap towards the back, in a classic half-up hairdo. Secure with bobby pins set in a geometric shape for a decorative, yet minimal flare.

Bridal Guide

Before we start this one, ensure your hair isВ sleek and chic. Then, gather up the hair on the top of your head. Try to leave your side strands down. Gather into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. Then take the side section of hair (it doesn't matter which side you start with), and roll it over the elastic, securing with a bobby pin. Take the other side and do the same in the opposite direction. Leave some long pieces out in the front for effortless glamour.В

Once Wed

This hairstyle is effortlessly elegant, and perfect for those who want to highlight the beauty of their natural hair. Simply divide your hair into four sections, side, top, back, and opposite side. Then, take the hair at the bottom and roll under towards the nape of your neck, and pin. Do the same with the section of hair at the top. Finally, choose one side and divide the hair that was previously in one section, into two. Wrap them, individually, over the bottom and top sections. Finish by wrapping the opposite side over, to hide the bobby pins. And there you have it-gorgeous heart-shaped hair. See the full tutorial here.В

You Queen

In our opinion, the easiest way to get this perfect ballerina bun is to use a hair doughnut (we know, very professional, industry-insider term). Try the Mia Bun EaseВ ($6). Put your hair in a high ponytail, then starting at the ends, roll it through the ring, twisting up and up until you feel it's sitting secure (and disguised) at the crown of your head. Pull out a few face-framing pieces and you'll be ready for rehearsal.В В

Creem Magazine

This soft and chic style is as easy as it gets. Those with naturally curly hair might want to add a touch of definition cream to their locks. Otherwise, take a thin, subtly embellished headband and be confident you'll look amazing all day.В


These bedhead wavesВ areВ too good. Braid your hair into two braids (Pippy Longstocking-style). Then take your flatiron and press down along each braid. Once you take the braids out, your hair will be perfectly lived-in. Be sure to add some hair spray for all-day hold. We like Joico Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing SprayВ ($17).В

Deep Pearl Flowers

To start, part your hair, as you would, to create a classic half-up, half-down hairstyle. On one side, take the section of hair you'll be pinning back, and braid all the way down. Secure with a bobby pin in the back. Do the same with the other side, except when you go to pin, pull open the first braid and thread the new one through. That's it. Five minutes to an ultra pretty infinity braid.В

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