Ready for Rio? Brush Up on Your Brazilian Beauty Secrets First

Today's the day! After months of anticipation, the Rio 2016 Olympics are upon us at last-and you better believe that we'll be cheering along during every event as Team USA goes head to head with the best athletes in the world. But we wouldn't be true beauty fans if we didn't show some love to the host country, too. After all, the constant flow of hair, makeup, and wellness secrets that emerge from Brazil never ceases to amaze us. And well, anything that might put us on Gisele's level, right? (Or Adriana. Or Alessandra. Or Lais… )

So mix up a caipirinha and grabВ your jar of coconut oil, because we're counting down some of the best Brazilian beauty tips we've ever learned, straight from native models, fitness pros, and more. From Adriana Lima's go-to skinВ remedy to a Byrdie editor's trial run with a deodorant alternative, keep reading for the secrets you need to add to your repertoire.

Victoria's Secret

Step 1: Toss out your hairbrush. The (now retired) supermodel says that in addition to letting her locks air-dry, she rarely touches a comb.

"… a cure for dark circles." Seriously-model Victoria Brito swears by sliced spuds to banish tired-looking eyes.

The secret, says Koral Activewear founder Ilana Kugel, is opting for minimalВ makeup that stays put. (She's a fan of MAC's False Lashes Mascara, $23).

It's Adriana Lima's go-to methodВ for glowingВ soft skin, after all.

Apparently Brazilians swear by Milk of Magnesia to keep BO at bay-a notion that our very brave beauty director, Deven, decided to put to the test.

… and hello, Bum Bum Cream, a treacly scented dream cream that's currently the talk of Byrdie HQ. This Brazilian export is formulated with guaraná, an Amazonian plant that's packed with caffeine (which is basically lethal to unsightly dimpled skin). And yes, it really, really works.

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