Ready to Add a Little Magic Into Your Routine? Try These Crystal Beauty Products

Unsplash / Carole Smile

If crystals aren't already inhabiting space in your bra, pockets, desk and bedside table, get ready to introduce their magic into your beauty routine. The high-vibe healers have already infiltrated the beauty world with jade rollers and gua sha tools, but you'll also find crystals residing in other products.

Crystals have many purposes when incorporated in skincare. In fact, some brands include them for their energetic benefits and to draw on each crystal's specific properties. They can also be used for skin-boosting purposes, as some fine crystal powders are used for exfoliation or to add radiance. Either way, we're into it.

If you want to add some intention-setting or vibrational power into your life on a daily basis, then these crystal beauty products are a great way to sneak it in.

Herbivore Brighten Instant Glow Mask $38Shop

This miracle mask uses fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate, but we're all about its glow-inducing Brazilian tourmaline that boosts circulation. This mask is a heavy-duty energy protector.

Holistica "I Am Glowing" Crystal Mist $25Shop

If you like your crystals where you can see them, look no further than this mist. The rose quartz crystals resting at the bottom of the bottle promote self-love, compassion and kindness, whilst the geranium and rose water give you a dose of radiance on the go.

Briogeo Rose Quartz Crystal Energy Comb $148Shop

You won't want to run anything else through your strands once you use this. Not only is it quite possibly the prettiest comb you'll ever see, but it also stimulates the scalp and adds a heart chakra-boosting crystal into your hair routine.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Calming Botanical Essence $42Shop

You'd never guess that there was rose quartz lurking amongst the soothing blend of essential oils including lavender and chamomile in this spritz. We can't think of anything better to calm both the mind and skin with.

OdacitГ© Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum $44Shop

Gone are the days of lip glosses with metal rollerballs. Meet the new-gen version of a lip treatment with this genius serum that uses an aventurine crystal for the applicator. Not only will your lips be hydrated and given natural fullness from the vitamin C and capsicum, but aventurine is also said to invite prosperity and luck.

Girl Undiscovered Under The Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water $38Shop

You can physically and spiritually cleanse your face with this crystal-infused water thatВ contains citrine and rose quartz. There's no need to rinse either, so you can keep those feel-good energetic properties going.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliating Cleanser $22Shop

In this cleanser, energising crystal tourmaline provides a glow, mango butter and babassu oil bring moisture and jojoba beads gently exfoliate. It's gentle enough to use on a daily basis, so make it the star of your skincare routine.

Själ Bio-Regeneratif Serum Active Enegy Lift $174Shop

This is a mighty serum that protects the skin from future damage whilst adding bounce and promoting circulation. It's also boosted by a blend of ruby, diamond, tourmaline, sapphire and amethyst powders. You can probably afford to leave the jewellery at home when you're using this intensive treatment.

Prismologie Citrine and Bergamot Body Lotion $35Shop

We can't think of a better wake-up call than this vitalising lotion with a zingy hit of bergamot. Oat extract and shea butter will keep your skin nourished, and the inclusion of citrine micro-crystals will keep your creative juices and manifesting powers flowing.

If you're new to crystals, don't be surprised if these beauty products end up being the gateway into a new obsession.