5 Byrdie Australia Editors Share Their New Year's Fitness Resolutions


No matter how clichГ©, there's nothing quite like the few seconds between December 31 and January 1 to inspire us to make some changes. Whether it's to travel more, buckle down on your savings account, or stop bingeing on fast fashion, most of us have something we'd love to work on in 2018, right? The Byrdie Australia team is no different. While we'd never consider our "resolutions" the be all and end all when it comes to this year's success (we've got bigger plans than that), goal setting isВ one of the most powerful tools when it comes to building the happiest and healthiest version of yourself in the new year.В

Fitness and wellbeing, naturally, is high on our list of priorities. If you're on a similar wavelength and want to make 2018В the year of feeling good (because you deserve to), look no further. Below, five Byrdie Australia editors sound off their health-related resolutions for the year ahead.В

Keep scrolling for inspiration.В

"My fitness journey has been an inconsistent one over the last 12 months. My resolution is to get back into an exercise rhythm I feel good about and is maintainable. Rather than look at it from a "weight" perspective (as I have for so many years), I'm striving to view exercise as a way for me to de-stress, and keep my body feeling good. I have a severe curvature of the spine (scoliosis), and not enough movement really impacts the way that I feel physically (crippling back pain and shortness of breath). If I learned anything in 2017, it's that skipping the gym and osteo appointments because I'm busy will really mess with my body. So aside from "scheduling" in workouts like I do meetings or social events, I'm also taking up yoga to get back into my fitness groove. No more ignoring or neglecting niggling health issues! As for wellness, I plan on a pre-work ocean swim once a week, at least until it's too cold."

"My goal for 2018 is to take a more holistic approach to wellness-I want to live slower and put less pressure on myself to be always "doing". Alongside the Pilates I already do and enjoy, I will be incorporating beach walks, ocean swims, and saunas. Sleep is a huge theme for me this year as well. My goal is to increase it from five hours a night to seven."В

"I've never made a fitness resolution because I'm normally pretty consistent with exercise throughout the year but at the end of last year, I was exhausted. It got to about October, and I decided I preferred to sleep in a little longer, rather than get up at 5:30 a.m. to push myself through an hour of exercise.В

Now, I'm ready to ease back in. My goal is to just listen to my body and do what feels right. I know I feel better mentally and physically when I maintain a regular fitness regime, but if I can't think of anything worse than a 10 km run, then I'm not going to talk myself into it."В

"Thinking about where I was health and fitness-wise 18 months ago makes me weepy. I was insanely fit, having been training twice a day, six times a week for a boxing event (for those in Perth, RQCC is not to be missed! #shamelessplug) and eating really well to match. But after that, my motivation to train just fell off the cliff. I never managed to get it back. But that's something I'm determined to change this year. So, I've committed to building back up to five training sessions per week by June 30. I know there's been a shift away from 'rigid' fitness resolutions lately, but whatever-I know how fantastic this amount of exercise makes me feel. It's not just about fitness, but the mental clarity and improved, balanced mood that comes with it. Nothing can get my brain to switch off as completely as punching leather, so I'm taking those five hours a week back for myself. Doesn't sound like much when you put it like that, does it?

I'll couple the training with weekly Epsom salt baths to help relax tired muscles. Words cannot describe how excited I was to find out that my new apartment has a bath!"

"In 2018, I'm all about taking it slow. In the past, I've jumped into the year with high-intensity workouts, a flawless meal plan, and usually a weight loss or physical goal in mind. In between work, a social life, and relationship, I've pretty much never succeeded in that. So this year, rather than looking forward at the entire stretch, I'm eliminating "goals" and taking it one month at a time. At the start of each month I'm going to ask myself two questions:

  1. What is completely realistic and doable this month? В
  2. What can I do in the next 31 days to work towards wellness, instead of just weight loss?

A big priority for me is also getting outside more - after being outdoors for the entire holiday break I realised how much I miss it during the working weeks. For January, I've settled on doing Adrienne Mishler'sВ 30 Days of Yoga YouTube series. The videos are quick, low-impact, easy to do in my backyard at home, and most importantly free. I'm aiming to do the entire 30 days and incorporate a long walk, bike ride or swimming session in per week. Then once February rolls around I can reassess how I feel. Slow and gentle is my 2018 mantra."

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