A Glossier Employee Just Revealed the Brand Is Coming Out With an Acne Treatment

It's no secret that Glossier is one of the buzziest beauty brands on the planet right now. Just like other viral brands-like Pat McGrath Labs and Kylie Cosmetics-once a product is launched, it's bound to sell out in no time flat. If it doesn't do that, it will at least get people talking. It seems as if where those brands go, the internet follows. And for good reason. They're each unique, on-trend, and covetable.

But back to talking all things Glossier. The brand's beauty website vertical, called Into The Gloss, recently highlighted the skincare routine of one of its employees. In the midst of sharing her thoughts, experiences, and favored products, this employee casually dropped massive news. Apparently, the brand is releasing an acne treatment called "Solution" sometime this year. She tried it, fell in love with it, and gushed about it. Keep scrolling to learn the first details about Glossier's upcoming acne product.

The employee's name is Manouska, and she's a member of the the Glossier gTEAM, in which she answers and responds to customer's questions and concerns. While sharing some insight into her skincare routine, explaining that acne has always been a concern of hers, she announced the news. An acne treatment and exfoliator hybrid will be launching sometime this year.

"I even entertained the idea of Accutane-until the Glossier Product Development team found me," Manouska wrote. "They gave me a bottle of Solution, a new Glossier product coming out in 2018. It's a liquid exfoliator that harnesses the power of very safe skincare acids to control acne, re-texturize skin, and turn up the brightness." So… that sounds incredible already. Safe-for-skin acids like glycolic and lactic acids gently slough off dead skin cells and pore-clogging impurities, which is why we love using them in some of our favorite products (shout out to Sunday Riley's Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment, $105). Pair that with brightening power and retexturizing ingredients, and we say they have a winning skincare product.

Manouska certainly thinks so. "These days, I catch myself touching my face and whispering, 'Wow, whose skin is this?' The texture is smooth and the daily breakouts are minimal to none." Yep, count us in. We want to try it.

So far there's been no word of a release date or any other information at all. However, since it's been announced, we're assuming more is coming soon. Until then, we'll have to stick to our other go-to Glossier skincare products like Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18) and Balm Dotcom ($12).

Head over to Into The Gloss to read Manouska's full skincare routine and product reveal. Then see the luxurious new lip balm that Pat McGrath just launched.