This Is the #1 Beauty Tip Kylie Jenner Wants to Teach Her Daughter

As an almost billion-dollar beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner surely has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to her 6-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster, about skincare, hair, and makeup. We would imagine that she'd start with basic topics, like the trendiest lip colors to wear each season (after all, she didВ launch her beauty reign with a lip kit). Then maybe she would branch out to talk aboutВ hair transformations (Jenner's hair has run the gamut, from red to blue to green). Eventually, she would hit on the important stuff-namely, how to run a billion-dollar beauty company and how to use social media to become an omnipresent force in pop culture. That's what we imagine, at least.

As it turns out, Jenner's number one beauty lesson she hopes to impart on Stormi is much simpler and much more succinct than anything we thought it would be. She discussed it, along with many other intimate details about her life, in a recent interview with Vogue Australia, of which she's the cover star. To accompany the interview, the publication released a short video showing Jenner, pared-down and fresh-faced, answering a variety of questions. Keep scrolling toВ find out what Jenner had to say.


The video opens with Jenner lying down and twirling her hair. Gone is the full face of makeup we're used to seeing the 21-year-old reality star sport. Instead, she wears a no-makeup makeup look, appearing fresh-faced and dewy. What follows are clips of Jenner answering intimate questions about beauty, confidence, her family, and her daughter. "Beauty to me means being yourself," she says. "Beauty to me means Stormi.… Creating life was one of the most beautiful moments of my life," Jenner says, before adding, "It's hard to explain why. It's just-when you've experienced it, you understand."


As for the number one beauty lesson sheВ wants to teach her young daughter, it's simple. "A beauty lesson that I want to pass on to Stormi is probably just carefree and experiment, and let her experiment with her look and who she wants to be." This is clearly a beauty mantra that Jenner follows herself if her ever-changing hair and ever-evolving beauty company are any indications. It's also surely a lesson that was inspired by her Kardashian family membersВ since she says they were the first to teach her to express her individuality. "My family has let me just be a free spirit, and let me be who I am."

Jenner seems to be content, if not thrilled, with where her life has taken her. In fact, it doesn't seem like she's consciously making any big changes for the future. "Ten years from now, I just want to be happy-whatever I'm doing." That's a desire we can all relate to.

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