Male Celebrites Who Have Shaved Their Heads

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Matt Damon

Matt Damon attends the IFP's 22nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards at Cipriani Wall Street on November 26, 2012 in New York City. Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Actor Matt DamonВ shaved his head for his role in the movieВ Elysium,В and the look workedВ pretty well on him. To pull off a shaved head, you need to have a nicely shaped skull and face, and Damon was definitely born blessed with those qualities. The bald head works well for him, and he could certainly do it again if he wanted.

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David Beckham

Photo В© MJ Kim | Getty Images.

We might as well call David Beckham the 'Man of 1,000 Hairstyles,' because David Beckham has had more different hairstyles than most people have socks. He's had mohawks and faux hawks, long shags and short spikes. He's also sported a shaved head which, while not everyone'sВ favorite look on him, works well. I mean, it's David Beckham. How could it not? For this style, his hair has been taken down all over with a number one blade.

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Jason Statham

Photo В© Andrew H. Walker | Getty Images.

Action star Jason Statham is a great example of one wayВ to deal with hair loss in men-shave it off. Of course, this isn't a look everyone can pull off, but StathamВ does it well. The shaved head minimizes the appearance of balding, and the facial scruff draws the focus В and off of the top of the head and down the face. This is exactly the right way to handle going bald.

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Tom Hardy

Photo В© Kevin Winter | Getty Images.

Okay, Tom Hardy with a shaved head for his role as Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis might have been kinda creepy, but it was kinda cool on him. You still occasionally see him sporting a mostly shaved head, usually with a bit of facial scruff to add balance, and he pulls the look off pretty well.

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Timothy Olyphant

Photo В© MJ Kim | Getty Images.

Timothy Olyphant went fully bald for his role in the movie Hitman. He works the look pretty well, but the slick bald head really gives him a slightly tough, unapproachable look. Of course, that was exactly the look he was attempting for his portrayal of Agent 47. Having the hair grow out to a little stubble helped him soften the look up a bit and, with a nicely shaped skull and face, he wears it well.

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Seann William Scott

Photo В© Gareth Cattermole | Getty Images.

Seann William Scott is also a guy who works a variety of looks-from shaved to buzzed to shaggy. He debuted his shaved head shortly after the premier of The Dukes of Hazzard, and it suitsВ him. Normally, when he's shaved (as he was in the movie Southland Tales), he sports some type of facial hair as well. The shaved head pointedly enhances his facial features-he has a very strong jawline and cheek bones, so the facial scruff helps balance that out a bit.

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Kelly Slater

Photo В© Alberto E. Rodriguez | Getty Images.

Surfer Kelly Slater shed his "shaggy surfer dude" image when he shed his locks. To be fair, SlaterВ is balding, so he doesn't have a ton of lot of choice in the matter. But it goes to show he's another great example of how to handle a receding hairline-just take it off.

One of the first things you notice about Slater, though, is how his eyes really pop. His bald head almost actually enhances it, so it's a great option if you have a nicely shaped head and great eyes.В

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Channing Tatum

Photo В© Jason Merritt | Getty Images.

Just as David Beckham often changes his hairstyle, so does Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum's haircuts, however, are normally fairly short. He's done an Ivy League, a faux hawk, a buzzcut, a burr, a pompadour, and every short style in between. The shaved head really gives him a city-slicker tough guy kind of look, but he wears it well. For this style, his hair has been taken down with a number 1 blade all over (also known as a burr).

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Vin Diesel

Photo В© Dean Mouhtaropoulous | Getty Images.

If Channing Tatum gives him a city-slicker tough guy look, we're calling Vin Diesel's shaved head "likable tough guy." Diesel (like many men who shave their heads) is naturally balding, so keeping his head shaved makes the thinning top less noticeable. A bit of facial scruff helps draw the eye down the face, which also draws attention away from the balding top. For this style, the hair is taken down to about a 000 blade all over the head, although Diesel often sports a slick bald head as well.

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Bruce Willis

Photo В© Alberto E. Rodriguez | Getty Images.

Bruce Willis has been working the bald head for a long time, since before it was so widely accepted on men who hadn't ended up that way naturally.В After all these years, the shaved head has become his signature look.

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Jake Gyllenhaal

Photo В© Carlo Allegri | Getty Images.

Jake Gyllenhaal has a great head of hair, so it's always kind of a shock when he shaves his head for a role. Gyllenhaal shaved his head nearly bald for his role in the film JarheadВ early in his career, and then later forВ End of Watch. The look works great on him as he has a nicely shaped head and face. For Jarhead, he went with more of a traditional high and tight haircut, butВ he completely shaved for End of Watch. While it looks good on him, his hair is too great to root for him to shave it off again.

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Bryan Cranston

Photo В© Frazer Harrison | Getty Images.

Actor Bryan Cranston used to shaveВ his head each year to portray cancer patient/meth cooker Walter White in the legendary showВ Breaking Bad. While it may not be Cranston's best look,, he works it well, and it fits his character on the show to a T. While bald, he normally keeps a mustache or a goatee, which is a good way to balance out the face.В